about us

booabbood is more than just a union of design between amanda and joe bou abboud. the couple joined forces to start their studio in beirut, lebanon in 2014 - the same year that they tied the knot.

the booabbood design story began when amanda and joe met at university, where they both graduated with a masters in interior architecture, specialising in product design. they then designed independently of each other for more than a decade with brands that focus on lighting, interiors and artisanal products.

their marriage opened up a natural progression to take their life collaboration to design. they quickly realised how they complemented each other with their different approaches to products when they started to adopt creative design solutions to everyday items that enhance their lifestyle. they wanted to share this with others. booabbood was born and has since established a global presence with its unique and unexpected designs.

the studio has since exhibited and been represented in galleries from milan and paris to beirut and dubai.